3:06 PM
A traffic stop in Stone County on July 4th led to the arrests of two men who are now facing drug charges related to methamphetamine.
Deputy Taylor Jenkins stopped a woman who said she was looking for her mother who had been fighting with her stepfather.  Jenkins followed the woman to her mother’s home at 26 Moss Road in Blue Eye to check on her well being.

Jenkins made contact with the mother, who told him that her husband was in a bedroom of the house.  Jenkins entered the bedroom and made contact with Richard Anthony Ford. As he was patting the 44 year-old man down for any possible weapons he asked Ford if there was anything in his pants pockets that could cut or stick him.  Ford stated he had a couple of syringes in his left pocket.

Richard Anthony Ford (mug shot SCSO)

As Deputy Jenkins was removing the syringes, he found seven small baggies of white powder that field tested positive for methamphetamine.  Additional syringes were found in a box in the bedroom, according to court records.

Ford was arrested and transported to the Stone County Jail.  While he was being interviewed, Ford allegedly told investigators that he bought the drugs from a man in Shell Knob.
Authorities then went to the home of 54 year-old Gary Ray Martin at 33 Joyland Road in Shell Knob and found additional baggies of a white substance, that field tested positive for meth, and items used to manufacture the drug.
Gary Ray Martin (mug shot SCSO)
Deputy Jenkins seized the following items from Martin's property that were allegedly used to manufacture methamphetamine:
  • 3 gallon bottles of Muriatic acid
  • 3 gallon cans of Coleman Camp fuel
  • 1 can of Drain Cleaner
  • 3 instant ice compressors
  • 1 funnel
  • 2 measuring cups
  • several coffee filters
Two plastic bottles that contained a white crystal powder used in the "one pot" cook method were also seized, according to the probable cause statement.
Sheriff Richard Hill says deputies also located several items that were stolen from Cape Fair at Martin's residence.
Ford was charged with possession of a controlled substance and is being held in the Stone County jail on  $25,000 bond.

Martin is facing charges of possession and manufacturing a controlled substance and is being held on $75,000 bond.