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Stone County Southern Commissioner Jerry Dodd

Jerry Dodd has been Stone County's southern commissioner for the past twelve years and he hopes voters remember his record when they cast their ballots in August.
Dodd, 59, grew up in Springfield and graduated from Hillcrest High School in 1971. He says he fell in love with Stone County at a young age, "My dad kept a place down near Lampe and I always loved it there. I knew I would end up living here one day."

He went to work for City Utilities in Springfield before he heard law enforcement call his name. He spent several years as a Stone County deputy before becoming an investigator for the Stone County prosecutor's office. In fact, he still has ties to law enforcement as he is a Stone County reserve deputy. "I'm big on safety. The safety of our citizens and visitors are important to me."

Safety has played a key role at various times in Dodd's life. When he was a Stone County deputy Dodd served as part of the security detail that took care of President George H.W. Bush when he visited Silver Dollar City.

He and his wife, Marilyn, have owned and operated Dodd's Dock and Lawn Care for the last fifteen years. "I've worked two jobs all my life to support my family," said Dodd.

Dodd is also an active participant, as are other candidates, in trying to bring an Enhanced Enterprise Zone to Stone County. "If we're able to get that started, hopefully it will bring new businesses and jobs to the county. Of course, that won't happen overnight. A lot of people are working hard on this."

Maintaining and improving roads is one of the areas Dodd says is important to residents. "We continue to work with MoDot to improve our roads, but just like us, they are limited to what hey can spend. We (current commissioners) have a great working relationship with our guys in Road and Bridge and MoDot."

Dodd says he looks forward to going to Jefferson City every year for the annual meeting of the Association of County Commissioners. "You learn what has and hasn't worked for other commissioners . It's an educational trip every time I go."

Tourism dollars and the quality of Table Rock Lake are vital to Stone County, according to Dodd. "Silver Dollar City is the number one employer and sales tax generator for our county and Table Rock Lake is our baby. It's important that we remember that, but we also have to grow and cultivate other businesses too. We're fortunate to have our sales tax revenue here. There are other counties who have had to lay people off and aren't able to fix things."

Saving taxpayers money is high on the priority list of the sitting commissioner. " I want taxpayers to know that we take advantage of utilizing grants as much as possible in an effort to save people some money."

Last year Dodd got to share a special memory with his father as he accompanied him on an "Honor Flight" to the nation's capitol.

When asked if had any aspirations of seeking a higher office Dodd replied, "I'd like to finish out my career here in Stone County."