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Megan Bowman (mug shot CCSO)

A woman from Nixa has been charged with exploitation of a minor and promoting child pornography in Christian County after allegedly confessing to using her 3 year-old daughter to make child pornography.

According to the probable cause statement, Megan Nell Bowman, 23, walked in to the Nixa Police Department last Sunday (05-20-12) and said she wanted to confess to creating child pornography.

Bowman told investigators that her husband, Skylar Yanatovic, had discovered a pornographic image of her performing a sex act with one of their children and she wanted to turn herself in.  Yanatovic told investigators the couple were talking about getting back together and "he was concerned she was lying to him about some of their issues" when he found a pornographic email Bowman had sent to another man. 

Yanatovic forwarded the message to two of his email accounts, and then gave authorities access to his account.

Bowman told investigators she began talking with a man she met online after she posted an ad on Craigslist seeking men.  "Megan said the man asked her to take a picture of her" performing the sex act and molesting her daughter.  She allegedly admitted to sending and receiving child pornography on her cellular phone by a phone chat application called "Kik."

When Bowman was shown the photograph she identified it as one she had taken "about a week ago." She identified the mouth as hers and said she angled the camera to make it appear that a sex act was taking place, but "her tongue did not touch her daughter."

Christian County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Donovan Dobbs

This investigation is ongoing and additional statutory sodomy charges related to the alleged child molestation of Bowman's 2 year-old son have been sent to the prosecutors office, according to Christian County chief assistant prosecutor Donovan Dobbs.  Dobbs says his office is waiting to hear from Federal authorities to see if they will pick up the case because Bowman allegedly sent the pictures to multiple men in different states.

Bowman was arraigned in associate circuit court on Monday and she is being held on $50,000 bond.

Her preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 18th.


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BH said...

only $50,000 for taking a child inoccents? This makes me so angry, she should be denied bond. This woman makes me sick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't even believe anhy mother, regardless of how emotionally unstablre, or her " emotional needs" weren't being met, could even fathom doing anything like this to her own children!!! There is soo much free counseling, free parenting help out htere in our country, that she could have gone on the net to look for this type of help. Not looking for attetnion and acceptance from some scum bag she didn't even know!! I love children, btu I'd never do anything to exploit them!!

Anonymous said...

WTF..... You have LIED to everybody about your circumstances in jail and with good reason...you wouldn't make it another 24 hours if people REALLY knew what you've done. And the sad part about it is you think you've done nothing wrong! Crying about how you aren't going to be the one raising your kids because of the 25-35 years in prison your looking at WELL THANK FRIEKEN GOD YOU WON'T BE THE ONE RAISING THEM, NOW THEY HAVE A CHANCE AT WHAT WE COULD ONLY HOPE TO BE A "NORMAL" LIFE!!