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Bill Mulholland says he's innocent of vandalism allegations

A high school science teacher and baseball coach in Galena has been placed on administrative leave after being accused of vandalizing school property.

William "Bill" Mulholland says he was pulled out of his classroom by the school principal on April 15th and confronted by the School Superintendent Danny Humble and Stone County Sheriff's deputy John Rakeshaw with a video allegedly showing him driving a truck near a gas pump at the school bus barn.

"The person on the video looks like they're stealing gas; I have a key to the gas pump, why would I try to sever a line to steal gas?"  said Mulholland.  "The truck in question has floodlights...mine doesn't.  I'm so disappointed with the sheriff's department - I can prove that truck isn't mine but they don't seem to care."

Suspect vehicle (courtesy: Bill Mulholland)


Bill Mulholland's vehicle lights
Attorney Price Kellar, who is representing Mulholland, says his client was ordered off school property 20 minutes after requesting an attorney.

"I teach social studies and government and have always taught my student to exercise their rights so I invoked my rights.  I felt detained," said Mulholland.

"Bill was home in bed with his wife in Republic at 3:30 in the morning on April 15th and no where near Galena when the incident occurred," said Kellar.

According to Stone County Chief Deputy Rich Anderson, "the incident is still under investigation and no paperwork has been forwarded to the prosecutor's office at this time."

Attorney's representing the Galena School District say, "the District acted in accordance with all state laws as well as all District policies and procedures."

Mulholland was elected by students to be the honorary speaker at this years graduation but was not allowed to attend.  "Students have wanted to know why I was not able to attend graduation. I want them to know that I was not allowed to attend by administration. I have worked hard to teach my students and wanted to see that day and was honored to be elected by them to speak. I will miss them."

"I just want my good name cleared and to be hopefully reinstated," said Mulholland.