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Paula Decker-Criss (mug shot TCSO)

Stealing charges that were filed almost four years ago against the former bookkeeper for the Hollister Chamber of Commerce have been dismissed.

Prosecutor's charged, Paula Decker-Criss, of Blue Eye, with felony stealing in July of 2008 after a lengthy investigation found that $11,000 was missing from the organization's coffers.
Decker-Criss' attorney says his client's former sister-in-law, Dawn Decker, who had been the Chamber's president, admitted in a deposition that she forged Criss' signature to checks for the organization.

Attorney Joe Allen says a handwriting expert would have testified that the signature's on the checks was not consistent with his client's handwriting.

Dawn Decker pleaded guilty to stealing from her fomer employer last year

Dawn Decker, who was also charged with stealing in connection to the case, pleaded guilty in 2010 and was placed on five years probation.