10:43 AM

Lawrence County Sheriff Brad DeLay

The Lawrence County Sheriff's Office has gone hi-tech when it comes to booking inmates into the couty jail

It is now using the Biometric inmate booking system. The newest phase includes being able to submit photos for facial recognitionOnline forensic science courses teach similar methods of identification and it is likely more training in this area will be required in the future.

Over the last couple of years, the Sheriff's Office has been upgrading technology that will allow quicker processing of inmates as well as speedier identification of crime suspects. The first phase was adding "Live Scan" technology which took digital fingerprints that were submitted to local, state, and national databases allowing the Sheriff's Office to quickly identify unknown persons.

The second phase was the addition of "Iris Scan" technology. This technology allows the photographing of the iris of inmates which was then placed into the same data base that even more accurately than fingerprinting allowed for the identification of inmates and suspects.

Shortly after that, collection of DNA from inmates on certain offenses began.

The newest phase is that photos of inmates are being collected by a camera to be used in facial recognition technology. Photos are now taken and submitted to a database in Jefferson City which can be used to recognize people by facial features.

The newest upgrade is apparent on the Sheriff's Office website by the new format that photos are appearing. These photos are now all uniform and for a specific purpose.

In a news release Sheriff Brad DeLay said, "It is the hope that with this technology, crimes can be more readily and quickly solved."