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April Quick (mug shot DCSO)
A woman from Mountain Home, Arkansas has pleaded guilty to amended charges of second-degree murder for the ambush murder of her children's father.

Douglas County Prosecutor Roger Wall says April D. Quick, 33, and a friend of hers, Aimee L. Herring, shot and stabbed forty-two year-old Phillip Taylor to death at a roadside park between Ava and Mansfield on September 10, 2010, because "he had written a letter to April and demanded to see his children.  He thought he was going to see his children when they murdered him."

Per the plea agreement, Quick also pleaded guilty to armed criminal action. Quick was originally charged with first-degree murder, armed criminal action and robbery.  As part of the plea agreement, the robbery charge was dismissed.

Herring, 30, also of Mountain Home, pleaded guilty last year to amended charges of second-degree murder and armed criminal action for her part in Taylor's murder and was sentenced to fifteen years behind bars.
Aimee Herring (mug shot MDOC)
Quick is scheduled to be sentenced on April 3rd in Douglas County.


Anonymous said...

I am actually friends with Aimee herring, April's ex who took part in the murder. If she had never met April, she never would've hurt anyone. She's one of the most special people I have ever met

Unknown said...

Again the child of April Quick and Phillip. I have personally been around Aimee. If anyone was a bad influence it was Aimee. She was cruel with her ways just so she could get high. And she never really treated us three kids that well but I'm sure if my mom never met this lady my father wouldn't be dead.

Herdaughter said...

I’m her other kid, her youngest daughter. My mom has served 10 years for a murder she did not commit, but Aimee did. Look at aimees face she’s 30 in that pic.. the tears... she was
a drug addict that abused us kids and my mom. My mom would do so much to stop us from getting hurt. My mom had fallen into an abusive relationship. She’s the reason my mom is charged and he is dead. Period. Phillip was also crazy, tried killing me while I was in the womb, abused my mom horribly. He’s an awful person. He should’ve served time.