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Kenny Stout's body was found yesterday (facebook photo)

First degree murder charges have been filed against Christopher "Chris" Andy Jorgensen and Nathan Jensen in connection to the murder of 17 year-old Kenny Lee Stout.

Stout, whose body was found yesterday in a densely wooded area near the Ava Country Club, went missing while visiting Ava on Tuesday, according to authorities.

Prosecutors say Jorgensen allegedly stabbed and beat Stout to death because he was giving Nathan Jensen (aka Mace) "a hard time."

According to court documents, Stout's mother and a friend of Stout's, Shon Gossett, contacted authorities in Douglas County on December 14th to report the teen missing.  They told authorities that the last communication from the teen was a text message sent about 4 p.m. the day before saying he was going to meet Jensen at Casey's convenience store in Ava.  The message stated, "I am with Mace now."

UPDATE- In newly filed court documents, Nathan Jensen told investigators that he and Jorgensen met Stout for a "drug deal."
Nathan "Mace" Jensen has been charged with murder (mug shot DCSO)

When authorities questioned Jenson, 26, of Seymour, about 10:30 p.m. on December 14th at Jorgensen's Ava residence he told them that he did not know Stout.  Investigators obtained cell phone records for Kenny Stout and Jensen and found numerous calls and texts between the two the day the teen went missing.
In the early morning hours of December 14th Jensen went to the Texas County Sheriff's Office after Jorgensen allegedly tried to shoot him  He told authorities he had information about "a homicide that had occurred in Douglas County."

Authorities believe Jorgensen took Stout to a wooded area off County Road 500 sometime during the afternoon or early evening the day he went missing, beat him and left him there clinging to life. 
Jensen told detectives that at about 9:00 p.m. on December 13th he and Jorgensen had driven to a dirt road near the Ava Country Club and Jorgensen and had walked into the woods.  Jenson told cops that about fifteen minutes later Jorgensen came back, "wiping his hands."  Jensen told authorities that Jorgensen had a brown handled knife with him when he exited the woods.

UPDATE-According to the probabale cause statement filed against Jensen, he told authorities that he and Jorgensen drove Kenny Stout out to the location where his body was found and Jorgensen ordered everyone out of the car.  "Chris began a confrontation with Kenny" and "hit him three or four times in the face and then hit him with an uppercut and Kenny hit the ground.  Chris then began kicking Kenny in the face and head.  Jorgensen then allegedly got two silver baseball bats out of the trunk of the vehicle and gave one of them to Jensen.  "Chris beat Kenny repeatedly in the chest and head with the bat.  Chris allegedly told Jensen to hit Stout with the bat, "or he would kill him."   Jensen told cops "he hit Kenny once in the stomach with the bat." 

In the newly filed court documents Jensen told investigators that after they (police) left Jorgensen's residence after inquiring about the whereabouts of Stout, he and Jorgensen drove back out to where Kenny lay dying and Jorgensen walked into the brush with a knife.   "After the cop left Chris stated they need to drive back out there and make sure.  Jensen drove his car and pulled in on the road and parked and Chris exited the car and walked up to where Kenny's body was at and Jensen stated he could see Chris bend down.  Jensen stated Chris came back and wiped a large knife off in the grass and got back in the car with the knife and wiped his hands on his shirt.  He told Jensen it was taken care of."

They then proceeded to a residence north of Cabool to "reportedly burn some of Chris' clothes that he had worn when he killed Kenny Stout."  Jensen told investigators that while they were at the house Jorgensen asked him to bend over and use the light on his cell phone to illuminate a lock that he needed to open."

Jensen told investigators that it was then that Jorgensen allegedly placed a gun against his head and attempted to fire it twice, but the gun misfired.  As Jensen ran from the scene Jorgensen allegedly fired another shot at him, but missed. 

Christopher Andy Jorgensen allegedly stabbed and beat Stout to death (mug shot DCSO)

In the early morning hours of December 14th Jensen led authorities to an old logging road near County Road 500 where they found Stout dead.  He had been stabbed seven times in the back, once in the chest and his throat had been slit.  There was also blunt force trauma to his head and his face was swollen from being beaten.

Other friends of Jorgensen's, James Watson and Cheryl Calhoun, told investigators that Jorgensen showed up at their house on December 14th wanting to talk.  The men went to a back bedroom and when Jorgensen left Watson allegedly told Calhoun that Jorgensen told him he "killed a guy in Douglas County and was going to hide Mase (sic) out because he didn't think Mase could handle it."

Watson then told his fiancee, "Chris puts a gun to Mase's head and pulls the trigger and it won't fire" and he killed Kenny Stout "because he was giving Mase a hard time a couple of weeks ago."

When Jorgensen was arrested investigators noted that there was a knife missing from a knife block in his residence.

Jorgensen has also been charged as a prior and persistent offender due to convictions in 2001 for stealing and endangering the welfare of a child


FRIDAY, JUNE 14, 2013

Ava Man Pleads Guilty To Stout Murder:


Christopher Andy Jorgensen allegedly stabbed and beat Stout to death (mug shot DCSO)

A Douglas County has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and armed criminal action for his part in a 2011 murder.

Attorney Stuart Huffman says Christopher Jorgensen, of Ava, entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors that will cap his prison sentence to twenty years.

Prosecutors say Jorgensen and Nathan Jensen lured Kenny Stout to a convenience store in Ava and then took him to a wooded area near the Ava County Club and stabbed and beat the 17 year-old to death.

Kenny Stout' facebook photo)

UPDATE 11-12-13:

Jorgensen was sentenced to two concurrent 20 year prison sentences for his involvement in the 2011 murder of Kenny Stout.
The second-degree murder conviction and armed criminal action conviction will be served at the same time.


Anonymous said...

Please contact me this is Nathan Whayne Jensens biological mother and I need to know what's going on and he needs to know that his sister and brother have found me. My name is Tamra Standley 385-252-0944 and my email address is litlpup@comcast.net. thank you for your time!

Michael said...

Chris was a really good friend of mine when we were in school, he spent many a nights at my house and I his. I can honestly say that my heart sank when I had heard about this. This isn't the Chris that I knew in school. We did a lot of foolish things when we were in school, but NOTHING to this caliber. I guess this is what drugs do to a person. I hope and pray that other kids can learn from this situation and see what a life of drugs can do to a person. I am praying for you Chris.

Anonymous said...

How about you pray for kenny's family or his girlfriend that will never see him again instead of a horrible person who murdered a 17 year old boy for "giving someone problems." I hope he rots in jail.

Anonymous said...

Jorgensen should be executed for 1st degree murder, plain & simple. Maybe he'll get what's coming to him in prison...
I do have to say, knowing his troll bait mother as I do, it's no wonder Chris turned out the way he did.