12:13 PM

Marvin Roy Morgan (mug shot NCSO)

A man from Newton County has pleaded guilty to slitting his wife’s throat last winter and has been sentenced to 18 years in prison.

Prosecutor Jake Skouby says Marvin Roy Morgan, 56, of Neosho, slashed Jerusha Morgan's neck on January 4th with his pocket knife before he called authorities to report his wife had been cut and was coughing up blood.  When authorities arrived, they found Mrs. Morgan lying on the kitchen floor with a gash that was deep enough for first responders to see the muscles moving in her neck.

Newton County Prosecutor Jake Skouby

"Mr. Morgan had been drinking excessively and was fighting with Jerusha about her dogs.  Mrs. Morgan has recovered from her physical injuries.  The offer my office made was for the sake of the victim not having to testify, and we feel justice was served."

Morgan was sentenced to 15 years in prison for first-degree domestic assault and three years on armed criminal action charges. Those sentences will be served consecutively (one after the other.)   He will have to serve 85% of the 15 year sentence before the 3 year sentence.