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William Curtis Krohn (mug shot BCSO)
A man from Omaha, Arkansas has been sentenced to two life terms for a double murder in July of 2010.
Authorities say it was a fight over personal property, alcohol and freeloading that led William Curtis Krohn to gun down 57 year-old Christine Ann Pryor and her 56 year-old husband, William.

According to court records, Krohn had become angry with the Pryor's over their “freeloading and mooching."  The Pryors, their nephew Rich Pryor and Krohn all lived in different trailers on the same property.

The probable cause affidavit says Krohn, Rich Pryor and William Paul Pryor (victim's son) were discussing the situation when Krohn became angry said he “would take care of the problem.”

Within minutes of making the statement witnesses told investigators Krohn left and they heard gunshots and saw Krohn walking out of the victims’ trailer carrying a gun.

The Harrison Daily Times is reporting that a neighbor says Rich Pryor asked, "‘Krohny, what happened?’ He said, ‘I took care of the problem."
Krohn was originally charged with two counts of capital murder and one count of aggravated burglary.  Prosecutors dropped the burglary charge and amended the capital murder charges to first-degree murder charges in exchange for the guilty pleas. The consecutive life sentences offer no chance for parole.


Anonymous said...

Wow, very shocked in this outcome. I new the family 25. Years ago, That was just bill and Christine. Really the whole family except Rich , Jeremy and Willie, their son. This so saddens me. They weren't bad people. Smehow I knew alcohol was involved. Its tore thee that family. Well if they see this. Rich, Willie, and Jerby, so sorry I just found this out. Sherri L