3:43 PM
Josh Gail Johnson (mug shot JCSO)

A twenty eight year-old Jasper County man has been arrested on charges of first-degree domestic assault after allegedly slitting his girlfriends throat early this morning.

Jasper County Sheriff's Captain Derek Walrod says Josh G. Johnson sliced the throat of his twenty-one year old girlfriend in a friends car during an argument.

The woman was taken to McCune Hospital in Jasper where she received five stitches to close the wound and was released.  Walrod says investigators had to track the woman down to get a statement and she is in fear for her life.

Johnson is being held on a 24 hour hold pending the filing of formal charges of domestic assault and armed criminal action.


Anonymous said...

why are so many people losing it in this world < obviously Josh Johnson is mentally unstable and need not to be in the public @ all !!! keep him locked up so everyone else can stay safe !!

Anonymous said...

People who do not know the entire story should not have the ability to comment on stories....especially anonymously!