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Becky and Rusty Porter

Authorities in Greene County say the have recovered over 210 items of potential evidence from the property where a couple from Willard vanished.

Family members say they last talked with Becky and Rusty Porter, who were at their home at 6703 State Highway HH Sunday evening.  The couples car was found with the keys in the ignition while doors to the couples home were left open. Inside the house were Becky's purse, cell phones, medication, shoes, and relaitives say the house reeked of bleach.

The Porter's have not been seen or heard from since about 8:15 p.m. on Sunday April 17th when Becky Porter talked to her daughter and told her she was sick and in bed.

Russell "Rusty" and Rebecca "Becky" Porter

Rebecca Hufft Ellsworth and her former husband, Dave, led Galena Assembly of God before her marriage to Rusty Porter last year.  Darrell Hufft says his "baby" (she has 10 siblings) sister has always helped other people.  "She doesn't deserve this....she always took care of people.  She called us all the time - this isn't like her."

Hufft says Rusty Porter had surgery for a brain tumor last fall.  "He was really feeble.  He had trouble picking stuff up with his right hand."

Security cameras outside the home were knocked down, according to Hufft.

Hufft says the couple had the cameras because they lived in the country and Russell's uncle, R.C. who lives next door, "Has been giving 'em some problems. Him and his son were mad because Rusty's mom gave them the farmhouse and five acres of land."

Crime Scene Tape Surrounded The Home For 3 Days (courtesy Springfield News Leader)

Hufft says thousands of fliers have been distributed and a motorcycle group has taken fliers with them to distribute in the south.  "When we got people to Kansas there were already posters of Becky and Rusty up in businesses.  It's been a nightmare...you can't sleep or eat - you just worry."

Sheriff Jim Arnott says over 750 man hours have been logged in the investigation so far.  Investigators have used blood hounds from the Ozarks Correctional Center and the Highway Patrol's helicopter to search the Porter's property and property adjacent to it.

One of the leads investigators are following came from someone who thought they saw the couple at a casino in Oklahoma, according to Hufft.

Janis McCall, who heads One Missing Link, an organization that assists law enforcement and families who have missing loved ones, has assisted in making and handing out missing person fliers detailing information on the Porters'.

McCall's daughter Stacy went missing in June of 1992 along with classmate Suzie Streeter and Suzie's mother, Sherrill Levitt.

Arnott says detectives have followed over 70 leads, and due to the amount of inquiries, their will be no additional comment at this time. "We are focusing manpower on processing leads and evidence."

Anyone with information on the Porter's disappearance is asked to call the Greene County Sheriff at 417-868-4040 - 9-1-1 or your local law enforcement agency.

UPDATE 04-23-11:

The uncle of Rusty Porter, who he allegedly had an ongoing feud with, consented to let investigators search his mobile home.  No word on what, if any, evidence was collected from R.C.'s home.

Family members of Becky and Rusty Porter will hold a vigil at Galloway Full Gospel Church on Farm Road 146 just off of West Bypass at 5 p.m. on Easter Sunday.



Press Release
In reference to Russell and Rebecca Porter;
missing persons investigation

Detectives with the Greene County Sheriff’s Office have processed the scene recovering over 210 items of potential evidence at the Porter’s residence, 6703 N. State Hwy HH in Willard. The Sheriff’s Office has utilized the assistance of the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s helicopter along with blood hounds from the Ozarks Correctional Center to conduct a search of the property and the adjoining area. The Sheriff’s Office has followed up on over 70 leads and input more than 750 man hours and is continuing to conduct interviews and follow up on any information received. The Sheriff’s Office is requesting the continued exposure of the photos of Russell and Rebecca Porter. The media has assisted by putting the photos out to the public which has helped us in generating leads.
The residence/possible crime scene was secured for 3 days while detectives recovered potential evidence, however, that scene has now been released.
Anyone with information is asked to call the Greene County Sheriff at 417-868-4040 or your local law enforcement agency. Due to the amount of inquiries, we will not be available for additional comment at this time. We are focusing manpower on processing leads and evidence. Sheriff Arnott will be contacting the media to give updates as this investigation progresses. Thank you for helping us disseminate our information.