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Baby Karson

A twenty two year-old woman from Ava has been charged with felony child abuse for allegedly shaking her boyfriends 18 month-old son so violently that boy had to be hospitalized.

Douglas County authorities were called to Cox South hospital after a nurse hotlined a call to law enforcers about two other children in the home after little Karson was airlifted there on April 20th.

Prosecutors say Britni Leigh Tyra shook the little boy so violently that she caused "extensive bruising from behind both ears, extending to the eyes and cheeks."

Britni Leigh Tyra is charged with felony child abuse

Douglas County Deputy Vernon Johnson writes in the probable cause statement, that the left side of the boy's head looked "considerably" worse than the right side. Johnson also noted that the toddlers right eye was "swollen shut."  The bruising and swelling initially led me to believe (the boy) had been repeatedly beaten about the head and face."

A doctor who treated the boy "stated he had diagnosed (the boy's) injuries were from his scalp tearing away from his skull. I asked him how this could have happened and he stated it was consistent with someone grabbing (the boy) by the ears and shaking him," according to court documents.  The doctor "stated this was blood pooling from hemorrhaging along the tears."

When Tyra was interviewed on by authorities on April 20th she told investigators that she had no idea how the little boy ended up with the injuries.

She is being held in the Douglas County jail on $50,000 bond.  Prosecutors are asking that her bond be increased and are considering filing additional charges against Tyra.

A friend of baby Karson's mother says the little boy did not suffer any internal injuries and initial reports are that his eyesight was not affected.  She has started a Justice for Karson facebook page.

UPDATE 01-21-12:

Douglas County Woman Admits To Assaulting Boyfriend's Toddler Son:

Baby Karson is doing well

A Douglas County woman who was charged last April with abusing her boyfriend's little boy while she was babysat him last April has entered an Alford plea.

Prosecutor's say Britini Leigh Tyra, 23, of Ava, shook baby Karson so violently that he had to be hospitalized and suffered extensive bruising from behind both ears that extended to the eyes and cheeks.

Britni Leigh Tyra will be sentenced in February

Douglas County Deputy Vernon Johnson wrote in the probable cause statement, that the left side of the boy's head looked "considerably" worse than the right side. Johnson also noted that the toddlers right eye was "swollen shut. The bruising and swelling initially led me to believe (the boy) had been repeatedly beaten about the head and face."

A doctor said little Karson's scalp was torn away from his skull in the assault and was consistent with someone grabbing him by the ears and shaking him. The doctor said the bruising on the toddlers face "was blood pooling from hemorrhaging along the tears."

When Tyra was interviewed by authorities she told investigators she had no idea how the little boy ended up with the injuries.

The little boy did not suffer any internal injuries in the attack and reports are that his eyesight was not affected. Friends of baby Karson's mom started a justice for Karson facebook page.
Tyra is scheduled to be sentenced on February 24th in Douglas County.

****An Alford plea is where a defendant does not admit guilty but acknowledges that prosecutor's probably have enough evidence to secure a conviction if the case were to proceed to trial.


Froggy said...

This just makes me sick Kathee.
He looks a lot like Jonathan.

I hope and pray the whole investigation is done properly on this 1

Anonymous said...

This is regarding Baby Karson.. That woman should be killed very slowly! It is NEVER acceptable to hurt a child! I hope she never gets out of prison and they show her what child abusers deserve...

Anonymous said...

This so called woman...I have another name I could use...is LUCKY that I don't get my hands on her...I would beat her within an inch of her life, if I even let her survive!!!!

Anonymous said...

All I can say is I hope she gets her just rewards when she is in prison. The inmates will not like to hear she abused a small child. They will take care of her!

Anonymous said...

Someone should do to her what she did to that poor little boy! It makes me sick that she did that to him!

And a 50,000$ bail is NOT enough for her to be held on. I hope she rots.

Anonymous said...

This makes me sick to my stomach people have no morals now a days you should be ashamed of your self lady God sees you

Anonymous said...

Its really sad how ignorant peole can b some one needs to get that b@#*H by her ears and shake her fat ass around and show her whats really going on how someone can take a precious gift from god and do this what a MONSTER !!!! there is a place for women like u not in jail but 6 feet UNDER the jail rott in hell BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

thats not right a child be treated like a angel not a punching bag instead they mistreat them and dont pertect them that women should be tied to a truck and pulled till she cant stand the ground tearing into her skin then tie her to a tree and horse whip her im sorry but i have 2 grandchildren and if some one would do that to one of them i would hunt them down and kill them with my bare hands dont ever mistread a child they never ask to be brung in this world if u dont want them then dont have them get ur self fixed or just dont have sex and that all i have to say but i hope this stupid person gets a life sentence and never see sunshine again and gets whipped every day of their pentiful life

thank u in west virigina

Anonymous said...


Kelli-Mom of 5 said...

OMG!!! How sick to you have to be to do something like this! I have 5 children and my life is constant chaos. But it is my chaos and I love it! No matter how frusterated I might get sometimes, no matter what mess they make, no matter how much crying or noise I have to hear, no matter what, I would never put my hands on my child like that!!!! Or any other child for that fact. How much anger does this bitch have in her? That is an act of the devil and nothing less! She has to have mental problems! Who in the hell hurts a child like that? I hope they keep her in jail forever!! When I saw this baby's picture I was brought to tears! One of my twins, he is 2 years old, was sitting on my lap when I ran across this. He asked, "Mommy, what's wrong with the baby's eye". I told him he got hurt :( I didn't have the heart to tell him that an adult, a grown women, did this to him. I hope she doesn't have children of her own nor does God ever bless her with a child. She could have killed him!!! Sweet, sweet baby, I am so sorry this happened to you. One promise I can make to you is that if justice isn't served in the court room, God will take care of her. Vengence is the Lord's and He won't let her away with this. I can't imagine what was going through your little mind when she was hurting you. And to his parents....I can only try to imagine the anger you must feel toward this piece of sh*t female that did this to your child! It must to pure torture for you each time you think about this. I know how I am with my kids. No one better ever touch my babies!!! But, if you do anything to her they will lock you up and your baby needs you. If I ever run across this piece of trash.....well....we'll just leave it at that. Oh, one more thing that might make you feel a little better...it is a known fact that people like her don't do too well in jail. The inmates will take care of her real good! lol I hope she gets what she deserves EACH AND EVERYDAY!!!

Anonymous said...

Hate and ignorance breeds hate and ignorance people. God will deal with this female (I can not call her a woman) and he will deal with her in his own way. The hate and contempt directed towards this woman (justly or not) serves no purpose for the small inocent child who has sufferd. I dont have the answers but I know that anger is not the way forward...If we wish this female to be beaten and abused are we not condoning such acts? Is no one asking what could of happend to her to make her so sick she would do that to a baby? We all need to take a step back and stop stamping out feet and yelling about bashing peoples heads in like cave men. If you care so much take some positive action to help at risk children or their would be abusers instead of wasting your energy on pointless anger that will help no one. Show a bit of sense and lead by example. Please. For the sake of all children and mankind x

Anonymous said...

Baby Karson,

I am from North Europa, I just find this artichle an its comments. I must say I am really shocked, shocked abouth the comments of USA people. Are you awere of that if you do not have a good social system and care loking system from the state, you let down the week people. Maybe this woman is treated this bad herself as a child, but because the system ore people did not help her, she became a monster made form the hole USA system fault. So you are all guilty for not making situation for week people in USA better. And your coments is; ”she should be beaten” I really think your contry needs education and humanistic thoughts. Hope you vil be les materialistic and more human in future. Please learn from other contries instead of violence them, it seems like violente thinking is commom in USA.

Regards Elisabeth, Europe

Anonymous said...

Re: Baby Karson Scribner -can someone please tell me why Britni Tyra has not gone to court for this ?

Unknown said...

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