5:04 PM

The Springfield police department has added a new feature to their website that focuses on the department's unsolved cold cases.

Until now the department only had information into Springfield's most baffling unsolved mystery, the Three Missing Women on the site.  "Chief Williams asked why we didn't have other cases up.  We really didn't have an answer," said Springfield police public information officer Corporal Matt Brown.  "So we decided to utilize the tools available."

Sherill Levitt, Suzanne "Suzie" Streeter and Stacy McCall went missing from Levitt's home in June of 1992.  Now, seven other unsolved cases are highlighted in an attempt to bring a resolution to them.

The cases, which date from1992 and 2002, "Are not all inclusive for every cold case homicide the SPD is investigating, but are included because they have the most recent homicide information to date within a relatively recent time frame," Brown said in a news release.

"We have some cold cases that go back to the '50's but we had to look realistically at the viability of the cases we decided to spotlight.  Some of them are just one or two tips away from solving....others will take more work," said Brown.

Each case is summarized with the initial events surrounding the death of each victim each including the date, time, location and possible suspect information.