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Matthew S. Jennings

The trial for a man accused of stabbing a Springfield man to death is underway.

Matthew Steven Jennings, 37, is charged with second degree murder and armed criminal action for the murder of Jason Isenbletter who was found dead in his McDaniel Street home by family members in of July of 2008. Isenbletter had been stabbed over 50 times in the back, neck and chest. His throat was also slit. Greene County Medical Examiner Dr. Doug Anderson estimated that Isenbletter was dead four days before his mother found him dead.

Jason Isenbletter
Authorities put out a BOLO for Isenbletter's vehicle that was missing from the man's duplex. An Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper operating a "smart car" was alerted to the vehicle as he drove through a rest stop in Thackerville.

According to court documents, Christopher Coleman, 28, and Jennings approached the trooper with their hands up. "We killed our friend," Coleman said.

Christopher R. Coleman

Coleman told investigators he and Jennings went to Isenbletter's home on July 17,2008 to buy pot. Coleman said it was late and the pair had to wake Isenbletter up. Isenbletter allegedly was upset and answered the door with a gun which led the pair to kill Isenbletter.

Coleman pleaded guilty to his role in Isenbletter's murder last August, and was sentenced to life in prison.