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Christopher Jayson Daigneault

A mother and son from Harrison, Arkansas are facing serious charges connected to an assault that allegedly took place inside the family home Sunday.

Capt. Paul Woodruff says that the victim, Justin Marshall, 20, has been released from St. John's hospital in Springfield where he was in intensive care for 2 1/2 days for a lacerated liver and severe head trauma.

Woodruff says that Linda L. Daniels, 47, met Marshall at a mutual friends house Saturday night and took him back to her house where a sexual encounter took place. Sometime on Easter Sunday, Daniels and her son, Christopher Jayson Daigneault, 29, accused Marshall of stealing jewelry, an ashtma inhaler and bullets.

Marshall, who was forced into a chair and held at gunpoint in Daniels' bedroom, denied stealing anything from the house. Woodruff says, "Daniels was directing her son to kill him and cut his finger off." Marshall told investigators that Daigneault"climbed on top of Marshall and used a cigar cutter to cut his pinkie off, used a pair of pliers to rip off his earlobe, part of an eyebrow and eyelid.... and attempted to rip his tongue out with them."

Linda L. Daniels

At some point during the assault, "Daigneault dragged Marshall outside and repeatedly stomped his head and abdomen as his mother directed him from the front porch and two other people watched," according to Woodruff.

Marshall somehow was able to run from the scene and make his way to a friends house about a block away. When investigators arrived at the scene of the alleged assault investigators found Daniels cleaning blood off of a pair of boots and a blood trail leading from the bedroom to the door.

The victim tried at least three times to escape, Woodruff said. In one of those instances, Daniels called her son back into the room because the Marshall was attempting to crawl out a window.

After securing a search warrant for the property, investigators found Marshall's pinkie, still lodged in the cigar cutter, and a pair of pliers in a freezer under a carport on the property. Woodruff says Daniels says she doesn't know what happened and that blood belonged to her."

Daigneault also initially denied any knowledge of the assault but then admitted to beating Marshall, according to Woodruff. Daigneault then told investigators that Marshall tried to gouge him in the eye so he used his martial arts training to grab the man's little finger and rip it off with his bare hand and, that a karate chop to the mans abdomen was what lacerated Marshall's liver.

While being questioned by investigators, Daigneault told detectives that he put the finger in the cigar cutter to stop the bleeding and placed it in the freeze in case it could be reattached. While being booked, Daniels asked if she could keep Marshall's severed finger.

Daigneault has been charged with kidnapping and first degree battery. He is also facing theft charges for allegedly stealing a truck from a car lot and the flipping it a few days before the assault. A judge set his bond at $100,000 for this case, but he is also being held on a probation violation.

Linda Daniels has been charged with kidnapping and tampering with physical evidence. She was also charged with possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia after investigators found those items during the search of her residence. She was later charged with criminal mischief for damaging a holding cell at the jail. She remains in the Boone County jail on $100,000 bond.

Marshall had to undergo several surgeries for over the last two days. Woodruff says , "he has a long road ahead of him."

UPDATE 08-15-11:

Daigneault was sentenced to 45 years in prison for his part in the attack on Marshall.  His mother is scheduled to be sentenced next week.


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