6:55 PM

Christian County prosecutor Ron Cleek will hold a news conference tomorrow morning to discuss developments in the Rufus Church death investigation.

Cleek will announce that investigators are still chasing down leads and will urge the public to call in tips that may lead to a resolution for the case that some call murder and, others call suicide. Cleek will also reveal that investigators are now receiving help from an FBI profiler at no cost to taxpayers.
According to Cleek, the FBI profiler became interested in the case while attending a training conference on unsolved crimes with Missouri investigators. "The position of the body and where the gun was found have left a lot of questions that we're hoping he can help us answer."

Church was found shot to death in a service bay of Ozark Dodge. A shotgun was recovered in the garage not far from the businessman's body.

Investigators have remained tight lipped in their investigation and have revealed very little information regarding the investigation into Church's death and a fatal car crash in last November that killed his business partner Don Burk.