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Peter "Pete" Newman

The former camp counselor at Kanakuk Kamp who prayed with and preyed on young boys has pleaded guilty to several sex crimes against underage kids.

Peter D. "Pete" Newman pleaded guilty yesterday (02-18-10) to two counts of statutory sodomy in the first degree, three counts of statutory sodomy in the second degree, and three counts of enticement of a child.

One part of the investigative report filed with the charges gives an insight into how Newman enticed these kids. If they masturbated with him, or performed sex acts on him, it wouldn't be a sin:

"Between 2005 and 2008, Pete Newman became a close friend of his by attending family dinners, sleepovers, bible studies, taking vacations together and writing letters. Pete would hold one-on-one sessions with (the boy) in Pete's hot tub (at Pete's residence) and would request they be naked. Pete would discuss life's struggles with (him) and talk about masturbation. Pete would explain that if (the boy) would masturbate with him in his hot tub then there would be no lust and therefore (the boy) would not be sinning."

Some charges were dropped against Newman who was charged last September with multiple sex crimes involving underage boys were campers at the Branson based Christian youth camp in exchange for the guilty plea.

Several parents have contacted me via my blog or email address at the Ozark Sentinel concerned about the embarrassment and stigma attached with being the victim of a pedophile. Newman's guilty plea saves these boys the embarrassment of having to testify against a man that they at one time held in high esteem.

The victims of this case will be able to let Newman know how his acts have impacted their lives when they address the court at his sentencing hearing which is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. on April 30th.

Jeff Merrell

Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell says "Newman pleaded guilty without a plea agreement from my office. There was no offer on a capped sentence," Merrell says. "The maximum sentence he could receive is somewhere around 171 years and the minimum would be 5 years."

The state of Colorado will likely extradite Newman to La Plata County after his sentencing. He is wanted there for another alleged sex crime against an underage boy who was a camper at Kanakuk's Colorado location.

Other states are also looking at Newman and his alleged illegal activity with boys in addition to Colorado.

Newman is being held without bond in the Taney County jail while he awaits sentencing.


Anonymous said...

Jeff Merrel has been amazing through this whole process. Taney County is blessed to have him representing those who reside here. Thanks for pursuing justice Jeff!!!!!!!

Chelsea said...

I love your blog, and have been following this story since you first posted it! All I can say is praise the Lord that he finally did something right. At least these poor boys won't have to add public humiliation to the already huge list of damage he's caused. It's in God's hands what happens next.f

Anonymous said...


Don't even say he "did something right." The guy doesn't care about "right." The truth is that the coming trial was going to surely fry him. He'd have been convicted of way more crimes that these 8 felonies he confessed to. The details would have been known by the whole world, and humiliated his whole family, and then landed him a WAY longer and tougher sentence.....

This evil hunter was forced to lay down his weapon, raise his hands, and surrender because HE HAD BECOME THE HUNTED. And it was high time. He was caught and he should have been a long time ago. Evil. NOT capable of doing right. He is a deceptive liar who preys on defenseless children....what a weak and pathetic queer little coward.

He is the object of great hatred.

He should be locked away in a cage for the rest of his life.

Judge Orr will do the right thing.