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Gerald Bluford

A Christian County man will spend the next 25-years behind bars for slashing his partner to death after he "freaked out" in November of 2007 at the condominium the two shared in Nixa.
One of the witnesses, an emergency medical responder, testified that it was the bloodiest crime scene he'd ever seen in 17 years on the job.

Dr. Keith Norton testified that Bluford stabbed Eric Eidson 78 times and that a stab wound to the neck lacerated the jugular vein, ultimately causing the Eidson's death.

Bluford had been charged with second-degree murder but a Christian County jury convicted him last December 17th of the lesser included charge of manslaughter.

Judge Mark Orr ordered that the armed criminal action sentence be served consecutive to the manslaughter sentence. What that means is that Bluford will have to serve all 15 years before the other 10 year sentence for armed criminal action kicks in.

Bluford maintains that Eidson attacked him and he was defending himself. Attorney's for Bluford have filed an appeal.


Ron said...

WHY I say Why, 15 years for 78 stab wounds! He gets charged with "Manslaughter" What do you have to do to get "Murder in the 1st Degree"? If 78 Stab wounds don't get you first Degree Murder, I wonder what does? I think we need to reevaluate the system. I have to type in dindingy to get this posted I think that is a good word for this case!

Anonymous said...

If you dont know what actually happened you may want to retrack your statement. Its people walking around free everyday for killing. Its all a racial thing. I watch the ID channel all day and everyday and sone of the thibgs I see on there and the tine they get. You got so nuch ti say do sone research.