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Gary Stephen Brown (above)
He was a volunteer at his church and home school athletics program, now he's a convicted felon headed to prison for 13 years for statutory sodomy.

Forty four year-old Gary Stephen Brown was charged last November with two counts of statutory sodomy for molesting his nephew more than ten years ago. According to court documents Brown admitted to touching the boy more than five times, telling a Springfield detective that the account was "accurate."

However, Browns sister-in-law believes her son isn't the man's only victim. She told KSPR in April, that another boy at High Street Baptist Church came forward years ago with similar claims. Lee says everyone involved in that situation decided that counseling was the best option for Brown.

Brown withdrew his not guilty pleas to the charges on Thursday (10-01-09) and entered an Alford plea to one of the charges and was sentenced to 13 years in prison. He pled guilty to the second charge and was sentenced to 7 years for that charge. Those sentences are to run concurrently (at the same time.)

****An Alford plea means that the defendant does not admit guilt by agrees that prosecutors have enough evidence to secure a conviction if the case were to proceed to trial.




Anonymous said...

He was still touching his nephew clear up till the day before the the nephew told his family. Sad that this would go on for so many years. He plead the alford plea after he admitting to doing this. Kinda a chicken way to try to get out of it. Hope he has a good time and has time to think about the 8 other kids he admitted to doing this to