8:54 AM
The owner of a car dealership allegedly found some ingredients to make meth inside a car he got out of impound this week.

John Dunaway of Dunaway Auto Sales on West Division says, "I got a car out of impound for a client of mine and noticed some sort of liquid in the back seat. I don't mess with stuff like that so I gave it to the police."

Sgt. Justin Gargus of the Springfield police department says cops and a bondsman were attempting to serve a warrant on a man who got in the car with another individual and fled on Brown Street. The occupants of the car baled and cops impounded the car.

Gargus says that narcotics officers have initiated an investigation into the the chemicals that were found in the car. He said those chemicals are commonly used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine.

Cops have a suspect in jail on unrelated charges. So far no charges have been filed related to this case.