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Troy Christiansen (above)

It appears that Greene County prosecutors have entered into a plea deal with Troy Christiansen for last December's murder of an elderly Springfield man.

In exchange for his guilty plea, 29 year-old Christiansen, who was placed on supervised release from the Greene County jail today, will get 10 - 15 years behind bars for his part in Stephen Rashs murder---and it looks like he will be called to testify against his co-conspirators.

Prosecutors allege that Theresa Rash, wife of the 63 year-old murdered Rash, conspired with her daughter, Alexandria M. McNeeley, 27 who was released from the Greene County jail because of death threats and her daughter's boyfriend, Christiansen and Jeff S. Bloom, 48 (who was Theresa Rashs boyfriend) ---to hire Rusty L. Amoss, 28 and William L. Reed, 26 to kill the man because they wanted him, "permanently out of the picture."

The probable cause statement filed with the charges says that Amos and Reed went to Rashs house sometime between November 27 and December 5, 2008, with a key they had been given by Theresa Rash that was supposed to work for the back door. It didn't.

They then hatched a plan to knock on the front door and gain entry that way. Once Stephen Rash let them inside the house they attacked him. Rash fought for his life as he hit one of the men over the head with a pipe, it is then that investigators say that Amoss slit Rash's throat near the kitchen of his home.

Greene County chief assistant prosecutor Dan Patterson won't say whether they're are additional plea negotiations or deals in the case. However, according to online court records it appears McNeeley is going to plead out on October 30th at 9:30 a.m.

Alexandria McNeeley (above)

Patterson told the Springfield News-Leader that he will make a decision in early November on whether or not he will seek the death penalty against anyone in the case.





Anonymous said...

Rusty Lee Amoss also murdered animals belonging to his ex wife in the state of Maryland (Carroll County) and has always had a violent demenour about him, downright hateful person. Currently he is writing letters harassing people on the outside and even writing unwanted letters of sexual content to individuals and mailing them out of jail, still making threats to people stating he's going to be getting out soon! What they need to do is also take away his visitation and letter mailing priveledges from incarceration since he's abusing people while behind bars through these methods. He's also made threats to people over the years claiming to be a member of the KKK, in which he's quite proud of. He lured his ex wife to Missouri years ago, promising to try the relationship in a more positive manner, when he was telling everybody else he wanted to get her here in Missouri to kill her...murder has always been on his mind and it began with animsls, a mother cat and her litter of kittens he tortured and killed back in Maryland. He is senseless and a total threat to society and should never be released. We know him on a personal level, sadly, and just before he killed Mr. Rash he was making threats over the phone to go kill an ex family member and friend because they refused to lie for him. Mr. Amoss was also in the Army Reserves and was in Kuwait City prior his move to Missouri and was given a dishonorable discharge because of his persona and unable to follow rules and training guidelines of the military and was immediately shipped back home from overseas.....he's got a track history since a young teen of being a problem. Since his move to Missouri, he fathered like 5 children all in the same time frame, he's a careless criminal.