11:48 AM

It was one month ago that an employee reporting to work early in the morning at Ozark Dodge discovered the body of Rufus Church.

Church, was found with a gunshot wound to the chest in the service bay/garage area of the business he co-owned.....according to the search warrant, the weapon was found within the business.

Ozark Police chief Lyle Hodges says that his office is still waiting on test results to come back from the Missouri Highway Patrol Crime Lab. He says that wait could be as long as another month or six weeks.

The search warrant also says that investigators recovered broken glass inside the dealership. Detectives also collected blood, hair, guns, shell casings, cell phones, computers and other documents looking for leads in the case.

An insider close to the case says that, "it is very unlikely that the shotgun blast that killed Church was self-inflicted." That same insider notes that suspicious death investigations can turn on a dime.

Hodges says that his office continues to investigate Church's death as a homicide, but hasn't rule anything out.

Chief Hodges admits that it has taken a long time for him to issue any statements, but, he says that he wants to examine all the evidence and meet with Highway Patrol investigators before making a final ruling. He says, "it's not that I don't want too, it's that I just want to be sure what we have before I do."
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