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Christian County Prosecutor Ron Cleek (a.)says that the first-degree murder trial of a Nixa man will start next Monday.

In March of 2005, the former prosecutor of Macon County, MO, David Allen Masters, was found bound and dead near the James River northwest of Nixa.

It is alleged that Thomas Naumann (b.) and Crystal Broyles (a.) , both of whom lived with Masters in Nixa, beat the man and shot him up with a lethal dose of cocaine because he was behind on his rent and was making sexual advances on Broyles.

Investigators believe that Naumann and Broyles tied Masters to a chair with plastic zip ties and over a two-day period, threatened him with a loaded gun and injected him with 40 times the lethal dose of cocaine.

At one point investigators allege that the duo drove Masters to a convenience store so that he could make a phone call in an attempt to get money to pay them....when that didn't work, they say Broyles slapped Masters and the pair took him back to their house where the torture of Masters continued.

At some point during Masters being threatened with his life he allegedly told Broyles and Naumann that he would rather die from an overdose than a gunshot wound.

A family that went to the river on March 3rd discovered Masters body sticking out of a sleeping bag close to a bridge near Nelson Mill Road--- that's about halfway between Nixa and Republic.

Broyles' sister, Brandi Storment of Bolivar, was charged with first-degree murder, however, Cleek later dropped the charge against Storment when she agreed to help prosecutors in their cases against her sister and Naumann.

In October 2006, Broyles accepted a plea deal while her trial was underway, and her charge was reduced to second-degree murder. She was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Earlier this month Cleek took the death penalty off the table and offered Masters' attorney the same deal as Broyles. They refused the offer.

Jury selection is to begin at 9 a.m. Monday at the Christian County Courthouse in Ozark.

truTV (formerly Court TV) is expected in town to cover the trial.