4:25 PM
New information was released this afternoon about human remains that were found along I-44 yesterday.

MoDOT contractors found a skull near westbound mile marker 84 when they were looking for a water source for some signs that they were setting.

Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott says that a skull and complete set of bones were found inside a sleeping under a blue tarp. He said that the tarp, "appears to have been used as a makeshift tent."

Some identification belonging to a man and a sex toy were found with the body. Arnott, "will not confirm nor deny," that the ID belongs to a known sex offender.

Investigators have made contact with family members of the person that the ID card is issued to.

Sheriff Arnott says that it appears that the body was out in the elements for about two years. He says, "it could be a natural death, however, investigators will treat it as a homicide until tests come back from The Missouri State Crime Lab."

The evidence will be submitted to the new crime lab here in, but Arnott is not sure if their DNA equipment is operational. If it isn't the evidence will be sent to Jefferson City.

***image Springfield News-Leader