5:25 PM
MoDOT contractors putting up signage on Tuesday January 13, 2009, made a grisly discovery along I-44 and mile marker 84.

They were looking for a water source to set concrete, but what they found was a skull and human remains under a blue tarp that was believed to be a makeshift tent.

Investigators believe the bones may have been there for as long as two years.

An identification card, matching the height and weight seem to belong to a white man in his 50s, whose chest was likely crushed by a falling tree limb.

Sheriff Jim Arnott says a sex toy was found with the body. Arnott, "will not confirm nor deny," that the ID belongs to a known sex offender.

The mans name has not be released as they are waiting to confirm his identity through DNA and contact his family before releasing his name.

In a news release Arnott says, "This victim was not reported as missing, efforts to identify and locate family members are ongoing at this time."

Full Press Release :

From Sheriff Jim C. Arnott The Greene County Sheriff’s Office announces that the investigation into the skeletal remains discovered in the woods adjacent to I-44 at the 84mile marker on Tuesday, has established the following:

The remains are believed to be that of a Caucasian male in his mid-50’s.The identification that was found is comparable to the height,weight, race and age of the skeletal remains.

This victim’s identity will be made public only after it has been confirmed, and family members are notified.

We will be utilizing DNA to obtain identity.This victim was not reported as missing.

Efforts to identify and locate family members are on-going at this time.

The Medical Examiner has ruled this death as “Accidental”.The autopsy revealed thoracic trauma resulting in positional asphyxia, which resulted in death.There was no other evidence of trauma of foul play.