10:35 AM
A woman walking her dog in rural Miller County over the weekend called 911 after she found some human bones along Blythe Creek near Eldon.

Miller County Undersheriff Jim Wilson says that a skull and teeth along with other bones have been sent to Columbia where a forensic anthropologist and the Boone County Medical Examiners office will determine how long the bones have been there and cause of death.

Wilson said that deputies searched the area where the bones were discovered for seven hours on Saturday and discovered more bones that investigators believe are that of, "just one body."

The discovery of the bones has people talking in the lake area about whether the remains could be those of Brandi Mathews. Mathews disappeared over two years ago from the Osage Beach area.

Mathews is the only known person missing from Miller County.

Wilson urges anyone that may be missing a loved one, or may have information that can help make a positive identification of the bones found contact Detective Eric Vernon at the Miller County Sheriff’s Department at 573-369-2341.

UPDATE: The human remains found near Eldon on January 3, 2009, have been positively idnetified as Brandi Mathews