10:27 PM

The vacant farmhouse in Webster County where Myria Silva's body was found has burned, and it appears to be a case of arson. The house which was vacant for several years had no utilities hooked up and according to an investigator, "is suspicious."

Silva, the wife of a soldier stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, was found murdered in an outbuilding on the farmhouse's property near Niangua in mid-October.

Another soldier stationed at the post, Spc. Jermaine Johnson, has been charged with first-degree murder, kidnapping, sodomy, adultery, intent to deceive or provide false statements, assault and obstructing justice in Myria Silva's death.

When it was determined that a soldier was allegedly involved in Silva's death, the Army's Criminal Investigation Division assumed jurisication of the crime scene in an agreement with authorities in Webster and Pulaski Counties.

Johnson is scheduled to appear in a Fort Leonard Wood courtroom on Thursday in an Article 32 hearing (the Army's equivalent to a preliminary hearing,) to determine if there is enough evidence for the state to proceed to trial. Johnson, was a health care specialist stationed at the post from Alabama.

Acording to sources, Johnson was to be dishonorably discharged by the Army, but instead they re-stationed him to Fort Wood. If Johnson is convicted of all the crimes he is charged with he could face the death penalty or life in prison without parole.

Johnson is being held with no bail at the Fort Knox Regional Confinement Facility in Kentucky.

****House Photo from The Marshfield Mail