10:29 AM
After spending the last 15 months behind bars for the alleged murder of Jackie Johns, Gerald Carnahan took the stand to ask a judge in St. Louis to let him out on "a reasonable bond."

In motions heard on December 5th, Carnahan told the judge that he would surrender his passport (which has already been done,) agree to be placed on house arrest with a monitoring device, and be gainfully employed in the family business.

Carnahan's attorney, Dee Wampler (left), told me that the judge denied the motion saying, "that this is a serious case and that even though he had been in jail for 15 months....that is exactly where he will stay."

In other motions, Wampler asked the judge to have Greene County Prosecuting attorney Darrell Moore (below) disqualified from the case citing a conflict of interest.

Wampler's motion was based on the fact that an assistant prosecutor in Moore's office went to work at the office's of Wampler and Passanise. That attorney has since gone back to work for Moore's office, therefore Wampler cited the conflict. That motioned was denied as well.

Wampler also filed motions requesting that the state's DNA experts be depositioned by the defense team. He also wants access to the DNA evidence and wants an independent laboratory in Texas analyse the DNA that is now 23 years-old.

Wampler plans to file motions asking that the DNA evidence in the case be thrown out because it wasn't well preserved and was handled by multiple people.

Carnahan's trial is scheduled to begin on July 27, 2009; it has been moved to St. Louis County on a change of venue.


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