6:18 PM
Twenty eight people have been busted in Douglas County on drug charges after a six month undercover investigation.

The focus of the investigation for the South Central Drug Task Force and the Missouri Highway Patrol was the distribution/sales of methamphetamine, cocaine, marijuana, heroin, and prescription medications.

Grand jury indictments for each defendant were obtained through the Douglas County Prosecutors office prior to the mass arrest operation this morning (12-30-08.)

Charged with the sale of a controlled substance:

*******UPDATED LIST*********

1. Dianna M. Barnes, 30, Ava, Missouri

2. Laura Bengston, Ava, Missouri

3. Austin C. Bogart, 19, Ava, Missouri

4. Charles M. Clark, 33, Ava, Missouri

5. James H. Cruse, 40, Mountain Grove, Missouri

6. Mathew P. Deever, 23, Ava, Missouri

7. Quisto W. Eutsler, 21, Squires, Missouri

8. Blane D. Fleetwood, 45, Ava, Missouri

9. Cory E. Goodman, 25, Ava, Missouri

10. David Henry, Ava, Missouri

11. Frank Johnson, Ava, Missouri

12. Kristopher K. Ingino, 22, Ava, Missouri

13. Debra K. James, 51, Ava, Missouri

14. Franklin C. Johnson, 21, Squires, Missouri

15. Jeffrey T. Joseph, 19, Ava, Missouri

16. Stephen D. Lansdown, 55, Ava, Missouri

17. Thomas M. Larimore, 43, Ava, Missouri

18. James S. Lewis, 31, Ava, Missouri

19. Shannon M. Ponder, 34, Ava, Missouri

20. Mike Shiebel, Ava, Missouri

21. Brian Smith, Ava, Missouri

22. Daniel C. Souder, 24, Ava, Missouri

23. Beth L. Stafford, 48, Ava, Missouri

24. Lenora Stevens, Ava, Missouri

25. Ronald K. Swearengin, 45, Ava, Missouri

26. Ciera Terry, Ava, Missouri

27. Jessica L. Williams, 23, Ava, Missouri

28. Michael L. Williams, 28, Ava, Missouri

**The investigation is ongoing, however, investigators believe the last three individuals they are looking for have left the area.

Additional agencies involved included the Douglas County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office, Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Howell County Sheriff’s Department, Ava Police Department, and Region G SEMA.


Anonymous said...

Im sorry, I am one of the defendants. Im not making an excuse that drugs are not a problem in this town but not everyone on this list are drug dealers. Ive had a past, yes, but I ve also been clean for going on five years and ive paid my dues to the city and county for it. But since I am one of the accused that is innocent of this crime, I would just like to say "WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND!!!"