9:17 AM

 October 29, 2021

Timothy Norton-Cassidy Rainwater-James Phelps

Attorneys for one of the men accused of kidnapping and terrorizing Cassidy Rainwater have made a motion requesting a new judge.

According to court records the last time anyone heard from Rainwater was in late July.  In late August a family member reported that they had not heard from Cassie in some time and filed a missing person's report.  

On September 1st an investigator went to the cabin on Moon Valley Road where Phelps had been living.  He told cops that he had been helping Rainwater get on her feet and the last time he saw her was when she left in the middle of the night in late July to meet someone in a car.

The FBI contacted authorities in Dallas County on September 16th about an anonymous tip they received of an image showing a partially clothed Rainwater being held in a cage and tortured.  Investigators allegedly found seven images of Cassidy in distress on Phelps' phone.

Phelps' alleged accomplice, Timothy L. Norton, was interviewed by detectives on September 19th.  He was re-interviewed by authorities about discrepancies in his story the next day and was arrested on September 21st.  He allegedly told authorities that Phelps called and asked him to come to the cabin to help restrain Cassie in July.

The cabin, at 386 Moon Valley Road, burned to the ground in early October.  Tripwires attached to incendiary devices were discovered and the blaze has been ruled as arson.

Norton's attorneys are expected to make a similar motion. Phelps' motion will be held on November 2nd, three days before he and Norton's preliminary hearings, which are scheduled to be heard in Dallas County.  

Norton's attorneys have also made a motion asking that a bond be set for their client.

Change of venues for both men are expected to be filed if their cases are bound over for trial.

UPDATE 10/29/21:  Phelps' motion for a change of judge was heard today and granted. His preliminary hearing scheduled for November 5th has been canceled.

UPDATE 11/01/21:  Judge John Porter has been assigned to Phelps' case.  He has scheduled a hearing for November 19th at 1:30 p.m.  

Dallas County prosecutor Jonathan Barker has filed a motion for continuance in Norton's case that will be heard tomorrow morning at 11.  It will most likely address resetting his preliminary hearing as well.

UPDATE 11/02/21:  Timothy Norton's preliminary hearing scheduled for November 5th has been canceled. His next scheduled appearance is scheduled for November 23rd and a motion to address bond will be heard then.  

Neither Norton nor his attorneys were in court this morning.

UPDATE 11/03/21:  Norton's bond hearing that was scheduled for November 5th has been canceled.