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Stone County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Post Goes Viral:

Doug Rader In God We Trust

Galena, MO.-  A Facebook post by the Stone County Sheriff’s office has now been seen by over two million people, according to Sheriff Doug Rader.
Rader followed the lead of Greene County sheriff Jim Arnott and added “In God We Trust” to the back of all his patrol vehicles this week.  “Jim Arnott started it and we kicked it around and decided to run with it,” Rader said.
A Stone County business owner donated the decals and the sheriff’s maintenance department has been applying them to the patrol vehicles.  “I didn’t want to use taxpayer money to get it done,” Rader said.
“There has been no better time than now to proudly display our national motto. I’m very humbled at the amount of support behind it,” he said.  “It’s been our national motto since 1956…..it’s our culture and a part of our heritage,” Rader said.
The viral post has had over two million views, 16,000 shares, 50,000 likes and over 3,000 comments, according to Sheriff Rader. Not all of the comments have been supportive.  Aaron Burrough left the following comment: “It’s called seperation of church and states, idiots. Keep your silly delusions in your homes and churches. This is a SECULAR NATION.”
“In the first 24 hours, the comments were mostly positive.  I’m so glad we live in the Bible Belt.  The positive response has been overwhelming.  Locally, there have been very few negative comments,” said Rader.