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Springfield Police Investigating Triple Homicide On City’s North Side:

By Kathee Baird

Courtesy Johnny Williamson
Courtesy Johnny Williamson
Springfield, Mo.- Police in Springfield are investigating a triple homicide in the north side of the city.
Lt. Culley Wilson says investigators were called to the Econo Inn in the 2500 block of Glenstone about 7:45 this morning.  Culley said officers were called to check the well being of a man who was on the floor.  When officers entered the room they found three people had been shot to death.  A fourth victim, a male, was taken to Mercy hospital with “serious injuries.”
“We’re still trying to figure out who everybody is at this point and how they’re connected,” said Wilson. "We believe it happened early morning hours at this point just from what the witnesses are telling us," he said.
Investigators are interviewing people who were in other rooms at the motel and have gotten “quite a bit of help from witnesses.”
Wilson said no “juveniles” were found in the motel room.
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