4:25 AM

Commissioners made their way quickly through a very short agenda at a regularly scheduled meeting on July 1st.

Former sheriff's employee Missy Parks was the only person who was on Tuesday's agenda.  She was to address commissioners about "concerns," but cancelled her appearance shortly before the 10 a.m. meeting.

Presiding commissioner Dennis Wood said "we're concerned that the Governor has withheld the entire $3 per parcel on appraisals from the assessor's office this year.

"We have a concern that if the governor does not release those funds, we will have a substantial shortage in the assessment fund that we'll have to maneuver with later on in the year."

Wood says Governor Nixon withheld $1.1 billion dollars from the budget, including per diems that were approved for jails by legislators earlier this year.  "A lot of it education--a lot of  tourism.  In a lot of ways that we're gonna all be affected if he doesn't release the funds."

"The state had anticipated a near 3% increase and it's flat and yesterday was the end of the [fiscal] year," said Wood.  "So they are short funds on the state level and this is how he's adjusting that."

Wood says the county could loose up to $800,000 next year due to a reduction in sales tax exemptions that were done at the end of the last legislative session that concluded in May.  "We have some financial issues and then throw on top of that that Road and Bridge has still not received the funds from the flood money so we're operating Road and Bridge with about $700,000 less than was budgeted.  We have some budgeting problems that we're going to have to work through." 

Commissioners approved the payment of bills totaling $5,371.43 and $112,160.92 before cancelling the July 3rd meeting.