3:34 PM

Two people from Springfield are facing felony charges after they were found with a stolen car.

Authorities were called about a careless driver who hit a median at State Highway 13 and Business 13 and had a tire blowout.  When Kimberling City police chief Craig Alexander arrived, he found Justin Allen Robert Murphy, 25, attempting to change the front tire.

Murphy told Alexander he hit the median "because he was tired." 

A check of the vehicle revealed that it had been stolen in Springfield earlier that morning.  A glass pipe with a small amount of suspected marijuana in it, rolling papers and syringes were recovered in a search of the vehicle.

 Jessica Marie Drennan, 23, told Alexander that the pot belonged to both she and Murphy.

Murphy and Drennan have each been charged with felony stealing and have been released from custody. 

They are due back in court next month.