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The Circuit Clerk for the county handles all things court related.  From the filing of criminal charges to the last will and testament of someone filed in probate court.

Stone County Circuit Clerk Debbie Scobee, who is running unopposed for a second term, says the biggest misconception about her office is that it is integrated with the sheriff and prosecutor's offices.  "Some people get offended when we can't give them legal advice, but we're not attorneys or bonded to do that.  However, we do try to help them within the limits that we can."

Scobee worked in factories in the region before she went to work part time in the county clerk's office 27 years ago.  After that stint she moved on to work as a court clerk for Associate Circuit Court Judge Bill Kirsch.

Scobee, who was born and raised in Stone County, attained a degree as a Certified Court Administrator while working for Kirsch.

Scobee says advances in technology have led to major changes in her office.   On January 1, 2014, her office went paperless and now everything is computer generated. "I remember when I first started, everything was done on paper and index cards.  It was a ticular system.  We did paperwork for every single thing."  

There are currently six full time and two part time employees in the circuit clerks office.  "It's not boring...it's never the same and it's very challenging.  Each circumstance is different."

Scobee and her husband, Larry, have two children and four grandchildren. 

"I'm old school.....I believe you work for what you get.  I may not always wake up with a smile on my face, but my faith sustains me and sees me through each day."


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