4:19 PM

Four Stone County residents have been charged with several felonies connected to the burglary of a house in Cape Fair in early May.

According to court documents, David Duggar reported that someone had broken into his home at 31 Tranquil Lane and "stolen several pills" including Hydrocodone and Alaprazolam (Xanax.) 

A witness told Deputy Duane Keithley that he saw a man [later identified as Sherman Richard Starr] with a tattoo on his forearm exit a window from Duggar's residence.  The witness told authorities that Zakorey Tilton Bowling, 18, of Reeds Spring, was waiting for the man outside.

Duggar told Sgt. Fields that he knew who the men were and that they were heading to a residence at 117 Fritts Way in Reeds Spring.  When Keithley arrived at the Fritts Way address, several witnesses told him that a group of people had just gone inside the house.  Fields writes that an SUV the group was in was warm to the touch.

Keithley knocked on the door and got no answer.  After repeated attempts to get the suspects to come out of the house were unsuccessful a search warrant was obtained for the residence.  Authorities recovered several pill bottles with Duggar's name inside the residence.

Stacey Renae Starr, 17, allegedly admitted to authorities that she was in the vehicle "when Sherman and Zakorey broke into the residence and came back with pill bottles."

Another woman, Callie Marie Bowling, 36, of Reeds Spring, said when Zakorey and Sherman returned to the vehicle "Sherman had pill bottles wrapped in his shirt." She told cops she didn't answer the door because she was "scared and angry."  She also told them she took 10 Hydrocodone shortly after arriving back at her residence, according to the probable cause statement. 

All four of the suspects are facing charges of second-degree burglary, stealing a controlled substance, and two counts of possession of a controlled substance.