5:36 PM

A local businessman has donated a sand volleyball court to the community.

Chad Vaught, the owner of Wire Road Rebuilders, says over 13 dump truck loads of sand were used in the construction of the court.

"They have one in Aurora but our kids can't usually play on it because there's usually a game going on," said Vaught.  "I had the property and was trying to think of a use for it so I decided to build it for the community."

Vaught says lights to the facility can be switched on at the breaker box and there is also a stereo system inside the metal box that will play CD's or play music from a phone.

A charcoal grill, rinse off area and fire pit will also be available soon, according to Vaught.  A ball for games is also available onsite.

To schedule an event contact Vaught at 417-839-8058 or Wire Road Rebuilders at 417-723-8965.


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