5:45 PM

The former fire marshal for the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District who is already facing rape charges is now facing several additional counts of sexual misconduct in an alleged unrelated incident.

Stone County prosecutor Matt Selby filed four counts of sexual misconduct against Michael Wayne "Mike" Creswell last week.

In the newest case the victim says "Michael would catch her in the file room of the fire department and touch her."  Creswell is alleged to have touched the woman without her permission on three different occasions between December of 2012 and May of 2013.

According to the probable cause statement, the victim says Creswell "unsnapped her bra while they were talking with some of the other fire chiefs in the fire station." 

The woman also says Creswell, 44, of Glen Arm, Maryland, "grabbed her breast while she was on a ride along with him" in January of 2013.

Creswell is scheduled to appear in court on the new charges on June 10th.

Creswell was charged with sexual assault last August after a trainee with the district claimed he raped her when they stopped at her house to gather gear to respond to a fire.  That case is scheduled to be heard in Barry County, where it was moved on a change of venue, in July of 2015.


Anonymous said...

What has Stone County come too? Used to a nice place to live. No one but the parties involved and the deceased know what happened.

I know what's it's like to lose someone you love like this but this county needs to once again be peaceful. Wish there was away to get rid of all the drugs destroying us.