11:32 AM

A Kimberling City man has been charged with domestic assault after a lengthy investigation by authorities.

Kimberling City police chief Craig Alexander writes in the probable cause statement that the girlfriend of Tyler Casey "was visibly upset" when she arrived at the police station on September 27, 2013.

The woman told Alexander that she called a friend to come pick her up because Casey "was cooking dope in the apartment."  When the friend arrived, the victim was in a closet and Casey would not let her leave.

After the women left the apartment, Casey followed them to Harter House where he got out of his vehicle and began "punching the windshield" of the vehicle the women were in.

The victim told Alexander that three weeks prior to this incident Casey allegedly "slammed her against the wall, causing a hairline fracture to her collarbone."  The woman said after Casey found out her collarbone was fractured, "he threw her against the wall again, choking her and breaking her collarbone."

The victim said Casey "has tried to choke her numerous times, pulls her by her hair, and tried suffocating her by sitting on her with a pillow over her face."

Casey allegedly told the victim that if she called police they would not believe her and that "the only way she could leave is dead."

When Alexander arrived at 126 Kimberling City Lane #2 Casey gave him permission to search the apartment. Alexander found two glass pipes, a large amount of Mirtazapine (an antidepressant) and chemicals commonly used to manufacture methamphetamine.

Bond for Casey, who was arrested on a warrant on the charges last week, is set at $15,000.