5:26 PM

Two people from Springfield were charged with burglary after authorities allegedly caught them removing items from a partially burned residence in Stone County late last month.

Court documents say Charles D. Crossland, 28, and Katrina Deann Starnes, 45, were inside the abandoned residence at 7447 Highway AA when they were allegedly caught removing items from the house.

Captain Chris Hayes says neither party had permission to be inside the burned structure.  Authorities believe that someone set the house on fire several weeks ago.

In addition to burglary charges, both Crossland and Starnes are facing charges of possession of a controlled substance.  Hayes says in the probable cause statement that they were in possession of a plastic baggie that filed tested positives for methamphetamine, a glass pipe used to smoke the drug and a glass vial.

Crossland is also facing forgery charges. "During the investigation and booking process Charles claimed to be a Brandon Crossland.  Charles signed all documents as Brandon Crossland."  

Authorities say Crossland used the bogus name because he was wanted on an outstanding warrant out of Greene County for a previous burglary.

Each are being held in the Stone County jail on a $25,000 cash only bond.