8:35 PM

City auditor Jon Cummings

Crane city administrator Bob Savage presented information regarding delinquent property taxes, some past due for nearly ten years, at the last board of alderman meeting.

He told the board that there are court fine delinquencies of over $26,000.  He said the court clerk is issuing summonses on delinquent payment plans that have amounted to almost $7,000.

The Public Works Board authorized the purchase of a water leak detector at a cost of between $4,000 and $6,000, which the BOA approved, according to Savage. Alderman also approved a $69,000 expenditure for a "Digger" truck..."if the truck checks out."

Savage is also working on Recreational Trails and LWFC grants and addressing pool renovations.

Police chief John Elmore informed the board that a full time officer had resigned.  He says a reserve officer has expressed interest in the position.

Stone County will transfer ownership of "the Park Avenue parcels" to the city.  A new ordinance was enacted that will change the names of certain streets within the city to align with 9-1-1 addresses.

The city's auditor, Jon Cummings, presented the board with the 2012-2013 fiscal year audit.  He said there were no significant findings in the report.

In new business, Mayor Collin Brannan introduced an ordinance to amend a lease agreement between the city and the Margaret Plank regarding the lease of property to be used for public park purposes.

Bills approved to be paid were electric $6,343.53; general revenue $4,901.03; parks $15.50; trash $150.00; street $1,963.97; and water $14,102.32.