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Tyler Baker (SCSO mug shot)

A teenager from Reeds Spring is facing felony charges of domestic assault after he allegedly tried to strangle his girlfriend last week.

Court documents says Tyler Lynn Baker, 17, put his hands around the woman's neck and caused an injury to the right side of her neck.

Baker, is also awaiting trial on stealing and assault charges that were filed in Stone County last year.

He is  being held in the Stone County jail on a $25,000 cash only bond.


Anonymous said...

This is about the reedsspring teen and it bul shit im his brother he woukd not put his hands on a girl she just wanted to put him in jail to take his money and truch

Anonymous said...

You know you people are so fast to publish all the negative things in life . Before you publish an article it should be mandatory that you investigate the article a little more instead of naturally assuming that the accuser is guilty . You publishing an article that later on the guy comes up proven innocent then you should put a post on the front page to prove there innyocents instead of putting a small post in the back where no one hardly ever reads . Or maybe you should contact the alleged victim who says that the press blew it all out of proportion ! Concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

All of them are addicts and thieves that whole family really and the girl too

Anonymous said...

Concerned Citizen I am with you on this for sure!!! This lady who does this blog NEVER admits when she is wrong about publishing something regarding someone's guilt. Let me tell you from experience that once you are proven innocent this lady will NEVER let the world know that she was wrong. All she does is try to destroy people's lives with her own insecurities. Once day though someone somewhere will "out" her for all she is worth. You can't just destroy people's lives and think you can get away with it. For everyone that actually reads these blogs and believes everything she says are complete morons as well!

Kathee Baird said...

While you're entitled to your opinion, I work off of official court documents.

I have updated plenty of stories with their outcome either for the state or defendant.


Anonymous said...

Yeah and we all know that the police never lie or omit the truth in their official court documents right?

Unknown said...

You still in jail because of this, I love you brother And I hope you get out soon You did not that stupid c***

Unknown said...

My brother is still in jail because of the stupid cunt and he did not do s***