5:30 PM

With the price of propane skyrocketing, a state senator is urging propane consumers to ask for an investigation into possible price gouging.
“We do not have time to sit around and wait for answers while, farmers, business owners and homeowners are experiencing financial distress and personal harm caused by propane manufacturers, said Senator Mike Parson.
"My office has taken numerous calls about the price increase of propane, which has skyrocketed in some areas to $5.29 per gallon, doubling the price per gallon in less than a week. I am strongly urging you to contact the governor and attorney general today to get a handle on the situation, before it causes more pain and distress."
 Parson says the agricultural industry could be drastically impacted because of supply and demand issues. "We do not want to end up like Alabama, a state that is experiencing a major threat to its agriculture industry," he said.
“I want to stress that I sympathize with propane suppliers and retailers. It is not their fault that manufacturers are taking advantage of, or have created, low reserves to double the price of propane during the last week. Many retailers are considerate of their customers’ needs, and I would ask customers to do the same until we can provide some immediate relief.”
You can contact the Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-392-8222.