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William Louis Ritter

A Springfield man who was facing multiple charges connected to the burglary of a home in Stone County in 2012 has pleaded guilty to amended charges.

William Louis Ritter was one of five people charged in the November 2012 burglary of a farmhouse in Lampe.  He was facing charges of tampering with a motor vehicle, possession of burglary tools and burglary.  In exchange for his guilty plea, charges of tampering with a motor vehicle and burglary were dismissed.

At Ritter's preliminary hearing David Pinkley told the court that he received a call from a neighbor that there were suspicious vehicles and people on the property that he had inherited from his father.  The neighbor told Pinkley that hoods to vehicles had been raised and people were inside the house.
When Pinkley arrived, he found a large window had been broken out of the house and windows and steering columns to an SUV, a tow truck and another vehicle had been tampered with.
Pinkley said one of the suspects vehicles, a blue pickup truck, was "teetering on the edge" of a seldom used road and the suspects were attempting to use chains connected to a mini van to try and pull the vehicle to a safer place.
When Pinkley entered the house, he noticed that bar stools and miscellaneous things had been taken from inside and placed near a carport. Authorities allegedly found Compton attempting to hide under some clothing inside the house when she was apprehended.
Ritter told authorities that he had been given permission from "Chrissy" to collect firewood on the property.  Authorities found a multi tool engraved with the name D. Pinkley inside Ritter's vehicle, according to testimony.  They also found a glass pipe with with residue and a bag with a sledge hammer, cutting snips , gloves and miscellaneous tools in the vehicle as well.

Ritter was sentenced to four years in prison, however, that sentence was suspended and he was placed on five years probation.
Ritter is not stranger to law enforcers.  He was charged three times within sixty days in 2012 Greene County with stealing phone wiring.  That case is still working its way through the court system.

All of the other co-defendants in this case have pleaded guilty and have been sentenced.


Anonymous said...

Of course he had multiple charges it is the same game Matt Selby always plays. Charge people multiple times for the same crime and then get them to plead down. Matt Selby imagines this makes him a good prosecutor but what it really does is prove he is a bad person and a lousy prosecutor or he could win cases on their own merit. Never has and never will because he doesn't give right way to do it a chance. Always does it the dirty way every single time.