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Dorial Green-Beckham

University of Missouri football standout and Springfield native Dorial Green-Beckham was booked and released from the Greene County jail after a traffic stop in which a pound of pot was allegedly found in a vehicle he was traveling in.

Lt. Vance Holland says an officer stopped John W. McDaniel, 22, near Sunshine and Jefferson after he noticed the tags on the 1999 Jeep were expired.  "When the officer made contact with McDaniel regarding the license plate violation, he could smell an odor of marijuana inside the vehicle."

Assorted drug paraphernalia was also found in the vehicle, according to Holland.
The suspected marijuana has been sent to the state crime lab for testing.
Cops has asked that Green Beckham, McDaniel and another man, Patrick W. Prouty, 19, be charged with felony distribution of a controlled substance.  All of the men were released on their own recognizance pending the filing of formal charges.  
This is Green-Beckham's second arrest related to marijuana in a little over a year.  In October of 2012, Green-Beckham and two teammates were reportedly caught smoking pot in a parking lot near the Mizzou stadium.  
The more serious drug charge was dismissed, and Green-Beckham pleaded guilty to trespassing.  He was suspended for one game for that incident.  
Green Beckham and his team went to the Cotton Bowl just two weeks ago.  He is coming off a stellar season with 59 catches, 12 touchdowns and 883 yards.  In 2012, he was the number 1 high school recruit in the country.  

DGB took to his twitter page to tackle the controversy: 

People judge before knowing what happen. Let's not judge me for what happen and don't saying anything to me to try to bring me down.

According to Mizzou athletic department rules, an athlete charged with a felony is suspended from team activities until the case is resolved.  
A felony conviction leads to dismissal from the team. "We are aware of the situation and are working to learn more," said Chad Moller the sports information director at Mizzou.  "That's the extent of what I can currently share." 

Search warrant application and return here.


Statement from attorneys Tyson Martin and Ryan Cole who are representing the Green-Beckham family:

"As has been reported over the past 3 weeks, Dorial was arrested along with two friends after a car stop for possession of a controlled substance.  Throughout this entire investigation, Dorial has denied, and continues to deny any knowledge, or any connection with a large amount of suspected marijuana that was found in the back of a vehicle in which Dorial was a passenger. 
"The vehicle was not Dorial's nor was it discovered in an area that he was occupying.  As has been filed with the Court in the form of search warrant returns, another occupant of the vehicle, Patrick Prouty admitted ownership of the marijuana.  Additionally, a large amount of cash was also discovered in the pocket of Mr. Prouty, after he had refused to allow the officers to search him.
"Dorial has been nothing but completely cooperative with law enforcement throughout this entire process.  Dorial very much regrets putting himself in this situation, and he is anxious to put this ordeal behind him.  We are hopeful, in light of what this investigation has uncovered, that his matter will quickly be resolved in a positive manner for Dorial." 


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