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Mike Creswell (mug shot SCSO)

The former fire marshal for the Southern Stone County Fire Protection District has been bound over for trial on sexual assault charges.

At Creswell's preliminary hearing last week, the alleged victim told associate circuit court Judge Alan Blankenship that Michael Wayne Creswell, 39, "raped" her in October of 2012.

The original charges stated that the alleged assault took place in early January, but they were amended prior to the hearing.

The woman says she and Creswell were in his office preparing discs for the fire district's annual chili cook off when he "grabbed her breasts."  Creswell told the woman that if he did anything that made her uncomfortable to let him know.  She said she thought pulling away from the unwanted gesture would have sent him the message, but he continued to grope her.

Creswell allegedly told the woman "that he was addicted to sex and sometimes masturbated in his office when he was alone."

She said she was riding with Creswell to complete hours for fire fighter training when Creswell allegedly told her "she was going to have sex with him or she was not going to get her training."

According to the woman, Creswell drove her to her house near Blue Eye so she could gather her firefighting gear.  She said she wasn't aware that Creswell had followed her into the house until she turned around and found him naked in the room with her.  She told the court that Creswell then "raped" her.   

She said she couldn't fight him off because she was suffering from a hernia at the time of the alleged assault.

The woman says she came forward with the allegations after asking Creswell for permission to use a district training tool at her job and was told he would let her if she performed a sexual act on him.

Creswell, who is free on bond, will be arraigned in circuit court on January 6th.