6:00 PM

A 17 year-old who attended Crane High School was charged with three counts of cyber harassment after he allegedly threatened to hang an African American classmate from a tree last month.

Court documents say Samuel Jacob Shelton sent several text messages to the boy that said, "Listen here you fuc*** ni**er boy you done f***** up."  When the victim asked who he was talking to, Shelton allegedly texted back "Ima teach your p*ssy a** how to hang from a tree."

Crane municipal prosecutor Eric Chavez says the alleged crimes didn't rise to the status of a hate crime, which would have been a felony, but they came close.

Shelton's mother removed him from the school shortly after the allegations surfaced.  He is now being home schooled, according to sources close to the case.

Shelton, who elluded authorities for nearly a month after being charged, is being held in the Stone County jail on a $4,000 cash only bond.