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Tina Meier at Reeds Spring Middle School (courtesy Andrea Chavez)

The mother of a 13 year-old Missouri girl who killed herself in 2006 after reportedly being bullied on Myspace brought her message to Reeds Spring middle school students last week.

Shortly after Megan Meier took her life, her mom, Tina, decided she need to raise awareness about the problem, which some say is becoming an epidemic.  She began touring the country to spread the message that bullying is not just something that is done physically, but can also take place in social media or text messaging.
Reeds Spring Middle School began actively combating the problem of bullying and cyber-bullying through the Expect Respect and Leaders of the Pack programs after student leaders and staff members heard Tina Meier speak at a conference in St. Louis almost a year ago.
"Six of our students went to the conference and when they got back they were on fire and wanted to get Meier here to speak to the kids, " said Reeds Spring Middle School Assistant Principal Andrea Chavez. 

Chavez says some of the kids ordered T-shirts from the Megan Meier Foundation and created an anti-bullying week for their peers to recreate what they experienced at the conference.

"This has been on the top of their priority list since last November. One of our students said that for someone who could have sought revenge, but turned it around to help so many people 'was like a spiral effect' was inspiring.  For her to come here is like the grand finale....but the lasting message will continue to grow."
“Tina Meier is such a motivating and uplifting person,” Chavez said. 
October is Bully Prevention month. "Her (Meier's) visit couldn't have come at a better time.  Our middle school will be implementing the 1-to-1 (Learning Initiative) in January. We have to teach our kids lessons not just in the classroom and with homework, but what is appropriate behavior in all aspects of life."
In addition to raising awareness and educating others about bullying, the Megan Meier Foundation awards $500 scholarships to high school students who demonstrate acceptance and tolerance in their school or community.
More information on the Megan Meier Foundation can be found at meganmeierfoundation.org.


Anonymous said...

This is such an amazing thing. Going to school in Reeds, i know the amount of bullying done by the kids. We had 3 girls try and commit suicide my last year there, and it was because the amount of bullying going on. Good job Reeds