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Robert Lee Campbell (mug shot BCSO)

A man already facing murder charges connected to the 2011 double homicide of his nephew and his wife is facing additional charges after authorities from multiple jurisdictions, and at least one state agency, executed simultaneous search warrants on two separate property's near Purdy today.

But authorities didn't use the traditional knock and talk method to execute the warrants at 201 Caledonia and a residence on Highway C today. Instead, the Barry County Sheriff's SWAT team used a flash/bang diversionary tactic to gain the upper hand, according to a neighbor.

The Caledonia property is owned by Robert Campbell, according to court documents. The other is owned by a family named Petit, according to Robyn Poyner who witnessed authorities bringing evidence out of the home.

Authorities allegedly recovered wto VIN plates that had been removed from vehicles during the search, according to the probable cause statement.

Courtesy Robyn Poyner

 Rusty and Becky Porter lived on land adjacent to Campbell near Willard when they went missing in April of 2011.  Campbell and Rusty Porter had each filed orders of protection against each other prior to the couple's disappearance, and they were allegedly engaged in a land inheritance dispute when the couple went missing.  

The couple's skeletal remains were found three months after they vanished in Taney County on property that Campbell's brother-in-law, Tony Friend, was "very familiar with."  Autopsy results show the cause of death was gunshot wounds to the head.

Friend, and his cousin, Dusty Hicks, are facing first-degree murder and felonious restraint charges connected to the double homicide. 

Windy Friend, Tony's wife, is also charged with murder.  His son, Phillip Friend, has already pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and felonious restraint.  He is currently serving a seven year sentence for felonious restraint, but won't be sentenced on the murder conviction until he testifies at the upcoming murder trials.

Taney County prosecutor Jeff Merrell announced last month that he would not seek the death penalty against four of the defendants, but that "the death penalty was still on the table for Tony Friend."

When Campbell was apprehended at Lowe's in Monett on Wednesday (10-16-13), he was allegedly in possession  a stolen semi truck.  The tractor trailer was stolen in 2006 in Bentonville, Arkansas, and belonged to Josh Taylor, of Willard, Mo, another relative of Campbell's.

Court documents say that authorities discovered that the big rig's serial number had been altered during a search of the vehicle

Campbell has been charged with receiving stolen property and removal or altering a vehicle identification number.  If convicted of the class C felonies, Campbell could face up to 7 years in prison.

Barry County sheriff Mick Epperly says authorities recovered two guns, business documents and phones in the raids.  Two stone tractor trailers were also recovered, according to Epperly.

Barry County prosecutor Johnnie Cox said he believes Campbell and his wife moved to the area after he was released on bond after he was charged with murder.

Campbell, is being held in the Barry County jail in lieu of $150,00 cash only bond.  Federal charges could be filed against Campbell, who is a convicted felon and was in possession of a firearm, according to an investigator involved in the raids.

The search warrant applications and returns associated with the Barry County raid have been sealed by the court, according to Cox.

The Missouri Department of Revenue's Criminal Tax Bureau, the IRS, the Greene County Sheriff's office and the Purdy police department were involved in the raid on the property's today.


JR said...

This is about Rob the evil Campbell.Becky and Rusty were murdered in 2011 not 2012

Anonymous said...

Re: ~UPDATED~Porter Murder Probe Extends Into Barry County:

I am so happy they caught this scumbag who is an extreme Danger to Society.